Phantastica builds love affairs between eccentrics and the objects they are passionate about by bringing weird people and weird things together.

Most of our stock is vintage, dug up from basements, back rooms, attics and libraries and brought out to our shelves to see the light. We love to unearth bow ties, photography equipment, tools for lost domestic arts, frightening artifacts, and the technology of the past.

We carry interesting books (new & used) on most counter-cultural subjects such as drugs, UFOs and aliens, erotica, fetish, rockabilly, tattoos, hippies, beat poetry and basically anything that suits our fancy. We also have a great selection of pulp novels and carry postcards featuring the artful covers of favourite pulp classics.

Our goal is to buy and sell the strangest and most oddball items we can find. And it is our passion, as well as the passion of our customers, to embrace the cryptic charm of these objects so that they may be truly appreciated.

Whether you want to adorn your home, your body or your mind, Phantastica is a shop in which you can find the unusual, the cool, the creepy and the bizarre.

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